I am carolee carpenter jandreau, an illustrator, designer, painter and writer who is driven by a strong passion for self-expression through art.  My works are often noted for their original style, unique look, and unusual technique.  Over the years, I have developed an innovative style that blends hand-written poetic narratives integrated within each painted work.  Native American images and beliefs are predominant themes throughout  much of my work.   I make use of vibrant colors and strong lines which make my paintings and prints suitable for a wide range of projects and purposes.  My works have appeared in many and varied shops and galleries across the nation.

    In addition to my paintings, I have written and self-published two delightful books (if I do say so myself).  The first is titled "Totem Animal Teachings" which gives my version of the gift/lessons that 55 different animals have come to teach us.  The second is titled "Spirit-Teacher Wisdom" which is a collection of the paintings and narratives originally produced on my wall-art. 

      Although I love to express my vision and philosophy through my paintings, I  also really enjoy designing and creating patterns for basic, down-to-earth cloth toys and dolls for children or the "young at heart" of any age.  I especially enjoy the basic toys and dolls of days gone by, including BasicBabies, Gnomes, Faeries/Fairies and other Woodland Wee Folk.

I have the perfect piece for many purposes, including:

    * Artistic pieces to decorate your home, office, or place               of business
    * Up-lifting, beautiful gifts for birthdays, weddings,                   holidays, anniversaries, etc.
    * Traditional games beautifully made and ready to play               with game pieces and printed instructions.
    * Complete Gnome families, Woodland Wee Folk,

              and cloth dolls including:
    * BasicBabies that are life-sized and wear Newborn,

              0-3 mo. clothing.
    * And more to come!

    Framed or Shrink-Wrap/Matt Archival Prints of my original paintings, which were drawn and painted on white cloth, are always available for purchase  on my Etsy site, as well as, occasional original paintings.  Look there also for Home Gnomes, Games and Dolls as they are available.

        I hope that you will visit my blogs as you have a mind to.  The "caroleecarpenterjandreau@blogspot.com" is about my art and philosophy.  My other blog has to do with my crafts. "naturetabletreasures@blogspot.com" is about creating a Seasonal Nature Table or Corner in your home.  I hope you will visit and comment as you can.


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